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Sample Vision Boards

Pictured here are some sample Vision Boards that Joyce Schwarz created for different events, celebrations and holidays. We will be adding other pictures of Vision Boards on a selection of topics in the future. ENJOY
CELEBRATION VISION BOARD designed to celebrate Amazing Woman's Day, Los Angeles, 2011 when Joyce Schwarz was named an Amazing Woman. To see the video interview that Marsh Engle, founder of Amazing Woman's Day Los Angeles did with Joyce that day, go to:

Thank you Vision Board Joyce created to thank a radio talk show host for the interview. This shows that you can use 'thought bubbles' to express your key words on a board when appropriate.

Halloween Vision Board -- note how for fun we interspersed fun images with scarier ones. This Halloween Vision Board ties in with a Halloween Safety Visioning video we created for kids of all ages:

Valentine's day "I Love Us" vision board created to honor the 'sweethearts' in your life -- maybe even the kids you played with as a tween!

Special event Vision Board created for a pre-Burning Man event called RED LIGHTNING
in Malibu, California where Joyce Schwarz was going to do workshops on visioning and Vision Board creation. It turned out to be 105 degrees that day and her magazines started to melt -- and out of that the birth of the Accredited Vision Card Reader program evolved and the wonder of VISION CARDS.....

who says you can't afford to dress up like the Queen of Hearts for this special day. Joyce is a big fan of websites that let you put a picture of your head on an already costumed body. So she IS the Queen of Hearts here and the board is not 'mushy' rather it's fun and says that you can LIVE, LOUGH AND ROCK the day...that's why she added "I love the US I create".

Quotations -- sometimes just a single powerful quotation such as this one which is also the opening screen for the Getty Center orientation film in Los Angeles can serve as a vision board and vision statement for a project, event or obviously movie or video.

JOYCE SCHWARZ VISION BOARD FOR HER BOOK "THE VISION BOARD:the secret to an extraordinary life" Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design. See a free chapter at:

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